Miguel Villafuerte on Sarah Geronimo Love Story

November 9, 2012 by juzfacts

Miguel Villafuerte, supposed love interest of Sarah Geronimo, is the son of Lray Villafuerte. It appears that (even if one is not thinking, one can figure out that) Miguel Villafuerte is a puppet being compelled to run because of his father’s plan. The last time I heard about him, there was a lot of hullabaloo that he was courting Sarah Geronimo. This is not factual but fiction! Sarah Geronimo was a paid endorsee by Lray Villafuerte for a long time.

What, Lray Villafuerte is acting as a matchmaker now?! He knows that his son was studying in San Diego and had no time to court. He needed to pass and graduate so that he could run for election 2013.

Lray Villafuerte is Miguel Villafuerte’s father, matchmaker, puppet master. Poor boy!

It is too bad that he was sucked into politics at a very early age when he could have chosen to define a significant career path for himself. The young man may probably be deluded that is why he was compelled to obey his parents, even if he is way past age of accountability and threatened by his parents to the core about his future.

He should know what is good and what is right.

Maybe what he really aspires is to be is a poster boy or a model because most of his image photos (just Google his name) has the makings of a celebrity — half naked body, seductive poses, he even winks and blows a kiss like a playboy! Whoa! He is confused who he likes and what he wants to do in life.

His parents tolerate him, perhaps even hired a professional image consultant, because they think that if Miguel poses like a star, people will vote for him.

He is not charismatic enough to be a lover, no x factor to be a model and no maturity and vision to become a governor!

Miguel Villafuerte is just using the famous Villafuerte name and Sarah Geronimo’s popularity.

At a very young age, as approved and perhaps strategized by his parents, he is a social leech! Boy, can’t you be your own man, have your own star, own convictions and own mind and vision?!@#

Miguel Villafuerte as a model or celebrity – pwede ba!

Miguel Villafuerte and Sarah Geronimo — nah!

Choose a side. Can’t be a fence sitter. Think man!

—Juz Thinking….

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